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Tell Congress to Ban Deepfake Porn

​Deepfake porn is becoming increasingly dangerous.  Congress must take action.

The rapid increase of deepfake technology is opening up new avenues for blackmail, extortion, scams, and misinformation. As of 2019, 96 percent of deepfakes on the internet were pornography. Deepfake pornography uses artificial intelligence to transplant a person’s face onto a sexually explicit video or image. For example, a student who was upset at his teacher used an artificial intelligence application to edit her face on the body of a woman in an adult film. The teacher lost her job as a result. Some deepfakes are used against celebrities and public figures but many others are used against everyday people and even children. Right now, there are no laws banning the creation or distribution of deepfake porn. Until there are consequences, deepfake pornography will continue to increase. Congress needs to take action immediately. Full letter here.

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​Since its invention in 2018, the number of deepfake videos online has risen exponentially, more than doubling every six months. By December 2020, over 86,000 deepfake videos existed – 96% of which are pornographic. Until recently, making realistic AI porn took computer expertise. Now, with new easy-to-use AI tools, anyone with access to images of a victim’s face can create realistic-looking explicit content that looks exactly like the victim. This has exponentially increased the rapid spread of deepfake porn. These non-consensual videos can be generated in a matter of minutes and are almost indistinguishable from reality. Nearly all deepfake porn targets women and has been weaponized against celebrities, politicians, and private citizens, including children.

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