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Help Prevent Sexual Violence

Sexual violence can and must be prevented.  You have the power to make change. Help us prevent sexual violence systemically by donating today. 

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Advocating for local, state, and national legislation to prevent sexual violence

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Providing transparency, standardization, and support as a catalyst for systemic change  

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Transforming research via data collection, machine learning, and artificial intelligence

Ban Deepfake Porn

The rapid increase of deepfake technology is opening up new avenues for blackmail, extortion, scams, and misinformation. Over 96 percent of deepfakes on the internet are pornography, and a majority were created non-consensually. Deepfake pornography uses artificial intelligence to transplant a person’s face onto a sexually explicit video or image. For example, a student who was upset at his teacher used an artificial intelligence application to edit her face on the body of a woman in an adult film. The teacher lost her job as a result. Some deepfakes are used against celebrities and public figures but many others are used against everyday people and even children. Right now, there are no laws banning the creation or distribution of deepfake porn. Until there are consequences, deepfake pornography will continue to increase. Congress needs to take action immediately. 

Sexual Violence & Student Debt

For many survivors, campus sexual violence causes higher student loans or increased difficulty paying off student debt. Survivors of campus sexual violence often face increased student loans because they have to redo courses, take leave to recover, change programs, transfer schools, lose scholarships, or drop out. Survivors face increased difficulty paying back loans due to mental health issues, lower GPAs, or higher medical expenses. Many survivors feel trapped by their student loans. It is triggering being indebted to an institution that failed to protect them. Unfortunately, it is impossible to create a student loan forgiveness program that is specific to survivors. Thus, the only option is to cancel student debt for all. If sexual violence affected your student loans, you can share your experiences here.

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"Sexual violence is pervasive in every country, every community, and every culture. It is systemically embedded in society and used as a form of oppression.  But sexual violence is not inevitable.  It can and will be prevented.  That's our mission here at the SVPA."


  Omny Miranda Martone, Founder & CEO

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