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Our Work

This systems map depicts the self-reinforcing cycle of sexual violence. The white symbols depict SVPA interventions.  

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The SVPA Campus Score is the only assessment for campus sexual violence practices. By assessing universities' policies, programs, and procedures, the SVPA Score provides transparency and standardization. This empowers prospective students, staff, and donors to make informed decisions when deciding what universities to become involved with. University administrators are also empowered to improve their practices while receiving public recognition for their efforts to keep their campus' safe. The SVPA Score will soon be a factor included in ranking and comparison systems such as US News and Niche. As the only national standard for campus sexual violence practices, the SVPA Campus Score is a valuable tool for ensuring sexual violence prevention and survivor support.  

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The SVPA Consultation Group is dedicated to empowering administrators to implement effective sexual violence prevention practices, policies, and procedures. Our consultation group meets with administrators to discuss their wants and needs before creating a comprehensive plan to improve prevention, intervention, and survivor supports.  The consultation group also operates the SVPA Intensive Prevention Program. This program is similar but is designed specifically for universities looking to boost their SVPA Score before it is published.  Our consulting group creates a condensed plan that can be effectively completed on a short timeline with free re-scoring at the end of the consulting term.

Campus Membership

The SVPA Campus Membership is a service for Title IX administrators that provides research, expertise, and support for improving campus safety, mitigating risk, and maintaining compliance. The Membership is designed to replace, supplement, or alleviate the use of consulting services by providing comparable products in an innovative medium that is affordable and accessible. Services include policy memos, research briefs, issue statements, news clips, event roundups, webinars, roudtables, member directory, and an anonymous forum. The Membership also fosters an engaged community of Title IX administrators, students, researchers, experts, and other stakeholders in the field of campus sexual violence. 

Consulting Services

Public Policy & Activism

As the only national organization dedicated to sexual violence prevention, the SVPA is committed to enacting perpetration-centered policies that dismantle the systemic institutions that uphold and encourage sexual violence at all socio-ecological levels.  This includes advocating for and analyzing public policy at the local, state, and national levels.  The SVPA’s primary strategy is to listen to and amplify the sexual violence community while acting as a liaison between sexual violence service providers, survivors, nonprofit organizations, researchers, and policymakers.  The SVPA also embeds our data and research within all policy efforts.

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Data & Research

The SVPA is creating the largest and most extensive database for campus sexual violence.  This data is the foundation for machine learning algorithms and big-data analytics that expand the research for effective prevention strategies.  The SVPA envisions itself as a transparent hub for data, research, and information regarding sexual violence prevention.  This is achieved by providing large databases of standardized data, tools and services for researchers, redacted reports completed by campuses and workplaces, and compiled directories of verified research studies as well as research and analysis completed in-house.

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Activist Training

The SVPA Activist Training is an experiential curriculum for organizations, unions, clubs, organizers, student activists, and other groups.  The training empowers groups to advocate for sexual violence prevention with direct institutional action and systemic objectives. Our curriculum is tailored to the goals and scope of each group.  This includes campus and workplace action as well as policy advocacy at a local, state, and national level.  We cover the basics of organizing, building a support base, creating systemic demands, escalating an issue, utilizing media, and more. 

Sexual Violence Education

The SVPA works to educate the public about sexual violence prevention in a variety of ways.  Our primary focus is to dismantle rape culture and the inaccurate societal belief that sexual violence is unpreventable.  The SVPA also educates the public on effective forms of sexual violence prevention at a systemic level with tactics to implement these practices.  This includes public policy strategies and tools for effective political activism.  Lastly, the SVPA works to disseminate and amplify research developments and other news regarding sexual violence prevention.

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